Thursday, June 24, 2010

next to last stop: Guangzhou

It's already the last leg of our trip! We are more than halfway there and one week from today, we'll be home!
We traveled to Guangzhou today. Had to leave Nanning very early to catch flight that was a quick one hour. We were greeted at the airport by Miko and then she took us directly to the medical examination where we met several other families in our group. The physical went well. The place was like no other medical clinic I've ever seen, and swarming with mosquitoes to top it off!?? odd.
Anyways, Jenna had to get 3 vaccinations and a TB test. She cried a lot, but did very well letting me comfort her.
As long as I am holding her, she is fine. Still not a lot of expression on her face, and she is generally very afraid of others. I would love to see her be just a little more playful, but I'm sure I will in time. Today I tried tickling her to try to see a smile or giggle and instead she cried. poor girl.
After all the kids (so far all girls with the exception of one boy) got their shots and exams done, we all headed around the corner to have lunch at the famous Lucy's of Shamian Island! It's nothing too special, just has a few comforts of home like french fries, movie posters in English, US license plates for decoration, and sweet tea. Good enough for me. I like this place!

We came back and checked into our hotel after that and Jenna needed a nap terribly. As I mentioned, she is growing more and more attached to me and likes to be held, a lot.
The minute I put her in the crib, she started screaming. Crazy screaming. Haven't heard that much from her yet and I tried to speak a few words of comfort and walk away to see if she would be ok. After several minutes, she was still hysterical, so I went back over and if I just put my hand on her, she stopped. I started to tear up and think that she is so afraid I'm going to leave. It broke my heart. Anytime I go to get out of a car, set her down somewhere, etc, she has a moment of panic like this and starts to cry. Until I touch her and tell her "it's ok." I leaned over the crib and patted her tummy or stroked her face until she fell asleep.
Even though I have parented four kids before the addition of Jenna, I feel like I have no experience at all. And with this circumstance, I don't! It's so hard what she is going through. I don't think I could grasp that before. I mean, of course it's hard and I knew it would be. But I have to constantly put myself in her shoes before I can respond to a situation. And the way I respond is so much different.



Football & Fried Rice said...

I know how hard it must be. I was amazed at the perspective I have gained after coming home and really reflecting on the trip and the experience...

Poor Jenna & the shots - I pray she doesn't get a fever/sick and statys healthy for the rest of the trip. Will she ride in a stroller? Have you done any shopping? Have you met Emily & her family yet?

I love reading your posts - keep t hem coming now that you are in the home stretch!

Lisa said...

Wow, you have had a lot take place these last few days! Amazing how many things you were able to bless the orphanage with from the concert! Little Jenna is beautiful and sounds as though she is bonding with you inside and slowly she will show her love on her face with emotion!!!
God is working in her heart...somethings never happen at the timing we would like!
closer and closer to home.
How is Ben doing?

Molly Rechkemmer said...

Sweet Vicki, you have shown such a tender heart with little Jenna. It's so incredible to hear a testimony of how God really does fill us up with the love we need to give another. I am speechless and in awe of the picture of you standing at the tree where she was left. I'm sure words cannot describe that experience. You are so amazing and doing such a wonderful job with all that these past few days have held. I once heard someone say that we should pray not for tasks to match our strength, but for strength to match our tasks. that must be exactly what is happening for you. God is so AWESOME! The rest of your family must miss you terribly! Jason, Matthew, Abby, and Emily... if you are reading this... we are praying for you, too! It must be so difficult to be seeing this from afar and reading Vicki's posts without being able to hold her tightly and help to soothe little Jenna. soon your family will be all together again and you can love one eachother like never before! I feel so blessed to know your family. You are all such a gift from God.

Much love, Molly and family

jennifer said...

I totally understand how you're feeling. It is such a different experience with Wesleigh than any of the others. I still have those questions and insecurities. Thank God for his grace!

Amy Piercy said...

You are so amazing Vicki! I absolutely can't wait to meet her. I get to see Abbie tonight, can't wait to tell her how I have been reading about her sister!!! I hope things continue to go well. She is the luckiest girl in the world to have gotten such an amazing mom and family!!!

living4him5 said...

Oh Vicki, I've been there with my Linzhi Rose. It took over a year before she felt safe enough without tears to be left with anyone other than grandma. It will take Jenna lots of time but she'll get there. Praise God she's bonding to you!!

Praying for you!!
Amy <><

littlemamaguru said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write out all these posts with such love and honesty. I have appreciated all yours words and have been praying for you along the way.

Lots of Love & Prayers!
Dana (and the rest of the Cramer 5, :)!)