Saturday, June 19, 2010

the lucky one

Exactly 5 months ago yesterday, we saw the face of a little girl that we felt God softly telling us was our daughter. We moved forward cautiously, prayerfully and hopefully. We reviewed all of her documents, medicals, and information, and sought counsel. The following day, we took a huge leap of faith and said Yes. Yes, we accept her referral. Yes, she is our daughter. Yes, we feel called to adopt an orphan and cannot deny it.

In the 5 months since then, we have seen our family transformed through this experience.

Our faith has grown. Strengthened. Deepened. We hunger for Christ. Our faith has been authenticated. We trust so much more blindly.

We have seen love in a very innocent way through our children: pure and whole. They love Jenna so much already; across the world and without ever having met her. To them, adoption has always been a 'no-brainer.' Every child deserves the love of a family. Simple as that. I think that is huge. It's sometimes hard for kids to grasp things that aren't tangible. But this has not been hard for them. They love her and cannot wait to meet their sister.

We have seen God provide in a very tangible way. Financially and otherwise. The way He has prepared the kids for my being away alone is remarkable. Even little Emily who is such a mama's girl has done so well. About breaks my heart every time we talk to hear her say "miss you mama," but bless her heart, she hasn't thrown a fit for mama yet.

Our prayer life has grown hugely. As well as our entire perspective. About what's really important. I pray that doesn't ever fade.

I have been told by many people during this time how lucky Jenna is. I know that people mean that as a compliment, and their sentiment is very kind. But what we have gained already from this experience is so valuable, I always think to myself when someone says that, 'I think we might be the lucky ones.' And we haven't even met Jenna yet!

The fact that God created Jenna perfect, precious and beautiful in His sight, and cares about and loves her more than I can even grasp (as He does all of us), yet has chosen us to be her family is so incredibly humbling. I know He's got great things in store for her life and we are the lucky ones to get to be a part of it all.



Football & Fried Rice said...

you are. undoubtedly. unequivocally. beyond a shadow of a doubt. lucky.

aren't we all?

so well spoken and so straight from the heart. i never imagined i could long to know jesus more than through this experience of waiting for him..i just couldn't seek him enough.

and oh, how he's blessed us.

and oh, how he's about to rock your world even more than he already has.

hold on!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Beautiful post. I never know how to respond when people comment about how lucky Lydia is. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am humbled beyond measure. I feel unworthy of the gift I have been given. And, I feel blessed beyond words.

Valerie and Jeff said...

Enjoying your posts so much! It is so cool to know what a different perspective you are now seeing things from through the transformation that has taken place with your family. What an incredible blessing! Continuing to hold you in our thoughts!!

Ashley said...

Such a sweet post! Your heart for Christ is very beautiful. Tomorrow is the BIG day! I cannot wait!
Sending hugs!

Harp Mama said...

Thank you for the gorgeous way you expressed your feelings. I also feel awkward when people comment on how lucky our future daughter will be. I never know what to say because I know they are trying to compliment us as parents but at the same time, no one ever says our bio boys are lucky to be our children. I always think, but don't you see how she deserves all this love
and attention and preparation? Of course I am going to lavish her with love. Of course we are opening our hearts fully to this gift of a child. I think your response is very helpful because it would be nice to just say, "Thank you. We consider ourselves to be the lucky ones."

Thanks for sharing. It's a beautiful read.

Jenna said...

I love this post.....and having not even seen the face of our child yet, I'd agree with you 100%. It has changed us , our family, and grew our faith like nothing else!

God is SO good!

Marla and S.J. said...

Vicki, we are right down the hallway here in 1911 if you need us, Tian Tian is doing ok, Jake would like to spend time with Ben. I hope the night goes well- seriously let us know if you need us!