Wednesday, May 30, 2007

who likes pineapple?

Ok, Sara, we're doing it all wrong!!
I was talking with my friend Sara recently as I was trying to cut up a pineapple. "how do you cut a pineapple?," I asked, and she "coached" me through; she said, "cut off the ends, then cut into slices and then cut the core out of each slice." "Ok," I said, I mean, I didn't know any better.
Well, I was relaying this story to the person on the other end of the pineapple, the one who I was cutting it for, Blake, and said to him, "There has to be an easier way, what is it?".... He explained an alternate method to cutting, and days later his mom gave me a personal pineapple cutting demonstration. It still didn't look very easy....but ok.
SO, today, my next pineapple is sitting on the counter, and I notice it has a tag on it... I check it out, only to find INSTRUCTIONS on cutting a pineapple! Which at this point I think is hilarious!
So much trouble for something I don't even like!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

happy eight!

Today is our eighth wedding anniversary.... it's been a jam packed, crazy busy, fun-filled eight years that have passed so far.
A fun story about today: we had decided not to do gifts; I just got this great camera for Mother's Day, so I let Jas off the hook; so anyways, this morning Jason left me a card sitting at my desk area; I opened it later in the car while on the phone with him (I know, that was totally unsafe driving) and started laughing aloud. But not because it was a funny card, it really wasn't, but because I had gotten him the EXACT same card. Now, really, what are the odds? I just can't believe that. It wasn't a "happy 8 years" card; it was a generic "happy anniversary"....I mean, seriously, what are the chances??
So, to borrow from a comedian that I recently heard, when someone asks us how many years we've been married, I'm trying to respond with "8 glorious years of hot, righteous monogamy."
Here's to many more. Love ya honey!

Friday, May 25, 2007

free speech of hair style

well, we finally gave in and let Ben choose how he wanted his hair cut....with a little bit of compromise. he's been asking for a couple of years to have a mohawk, and being the "conservative" folks we are, we've always said no. well he's recently been growing it out, because he wanted hair like Troy Bolton (High School Musical). well, it was getting long, and hot for summer, and a little shaggy. So I "convinced" him that he should cut it for summer and the wedding that he's in. Then he asked, "well can I get a mohawk?" I wish you all could've seen his face when I said, "sure, why not; there's only a week left of school." So, it's a modified, agreed upon mohawk. short, but not shaved on the sides, and terribly long down the middle section.

it's only hair, I figure, and there are certainly worse things that he could want to do.

indian cave

we found this really cool cave along a trail nearby. jason had read about it in an outdoor guide of the area, so we set out to find it. it was a bit tricky, the trail split several times and there were no signs leading to the area, but we found it. the kids thought it was especially cool and the boys both did some "bouldering" along the side. while it's not the rocky mountains, it was still pretty cool.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

dream team

Last weekend, amidst all the other activities, we had Ben's school night at the ballpark. He and a good friend, Drew, got to participate in the team taking the field, and take the field with them as part of the "Dream Team." They were centerfielders, and their player autographed their t-shirts, which they thought was pretty cool. Just more ammunition for his baseball obsession! Happy 5th Birthday Matthew was announced on the jumbotron, and Jason and I got put on the screen later for some kissing patrol thing. And Abby got cotton candy, which was really all she cared about being there for. Good times at the ballpark!

Monday, May 21, 2007

cooking lessons?

well, I thought that I was a decent cook; I mean, I've certainly come a LONG way since I've been married... we used to survive on frozen pizza, mac n cheese, and other similar entrees, and now it's rare to serve those as a meal. But when this is the response I get from what I set in front of my kids for dinner, it really makes me insecure! Do I need to take a cooking class?

Abby, what ARE you doing?? "I'm hiding from my food." GREAT! Must be something really delicious!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

my red drum

Ben! I am so proud of you! He had his first piano recital today. He played four selections: God Bless America, Yankee Doodle, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and my favorite, My Red Drum.

He didn't say he was nervous until he confessed afterward, but he did a wonderful job and we are so proud of him! Way to go, Ben!

big guy matthew

Wow! Matthew turned 5 this week.... we celebrated several times over, with preschool, lunch bunch, a baseball game, and family. He continues to be the very even keel child that he's been from the start (much like his dad), and his gentle spirit is such a blessing to our family. He is adored by each one of us, and we love him so, so much. As Matthew and I always play, "i love you all the way ....(fill in the blank). Our 5 years with him has gone by so quickly, but we love watching him continue to grow into the special little boy that he is. Happy Birthday Matthew!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sweet sounds

off in the distance I heard it; I was out planting some flowers by the front porch and the kids were all playing in the driveway and such....
but I didn't give it much thought; I mean, we have ice cream in the freezer inside. but then I saw something that literally took my breath away. I would have thought it was a joke, but it was all 3 of them, in unison, screaming, and running down the block, so as to "stalk" the ice cream truck. we HAVE done this before; which one never would have guessed by watching the way the kids were reacting. So I told Ben to run in and grab some money off my desk and HURRY, so we don't miss him. REALLY? WE CAN GET SOME?!!! he said as he ran inside... Seriously, am I that mean that I would deny you this considering the absolute ridiculous excitement over the sound of really high pitched music coming from a truck you hear in the distance?, is what I was thinking.

So we indulged; I mean, it WAS the first time of the season. And I wish I could have had video footage of the screaming and carrying on, but I'm pretty sure my eyebrows were scrunched and my jaw had dropped cuz I really couldn't believe THIS was wht all the hoopla was about. So all I have to show for the experience was a little after the fact....

Monday, May 14, 2007

happy mothers day!

Ok, it's been awhile. There have been technical difficulties on my end preventing me from posting; but I'm back! I have to say something about my mother's day. It really moved me, actually. We had a great day together, filled with church, lunch, hiking, and ice cream....

But the kids picked out a gift for me that I thought was just so sweet; well sort of. They chose for me a baseball glove. Now, I know you're thinking, well that's not sweet, that's selfish, cuz it's really more for them than me. But what struck me about it is, Wow, they want to play catch with ME! I've been using Jason's glove when I play catch with the boys, so they wanted me to have my own. And yes, they're probably thinking, "hey this is great for us cuz now Mom will play catch with us more if she has her own glove," but I'm totally over that because I interpret it as "cool. they want to spend time with and play catch with me!" and I know that this probably won't always be the case, so I am going to treasure every ball thrown to me. Happy Mother's Day to all the other moms out there.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

hey cubbies

well I'm a little afraid to even comment, so as not to jinx anything, but the Cubs are on a bit of a streak, eh? keep it up!
Our own boys, Jason included, have just started their own seasons and so the hype of the Cubs is in full swing in our house. I welcome the change of obsession though. It was last basketball, and before that football. And just when I've had all I can handle of sports trivia from a 7 and 5 year old, the season changes, luckily.
I've been known to complain a bit over the last 8 years about the obsession from Jason over this team; if they're not on tv, we listen in the car - even if to just catch a score - but now it's seeping into the kids; We were on our way for ice cream after school the other day and Ben asked me if the Cubs had won that day; somehow I knew that they were playing right then, and he proceeded to "well can you turn it on the radio?" ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I think women are wired so as to not be able to follow along with sports commentary. They talk way too fast and I'm still trying to visualize the last play and I've forgotten what it was and something else is happening. It gives me a headache.....
However, there is something to be said from watching in person from the friendly confines of Wrigley. Now that, I don't complain about.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

good music, good times

we got a night out earlier this week- sorta rare for us - without kids to go downtown and listen to some music. this guy we heard, Amos Lee, was introduced to us by a friend of ours, so we all set out for food, music, fun. It was such a great time; I did learn a valuable lesson though, to always choose comfort over fashion when it comes to shoes, as you never know just how long you'll be standing; but even through aching feet, I totally enjoyed the show.
good chill music; for the most part. I feel so cultured, and maybe even a little bit hip for now knowing this name in music and having seen him live! Thanks Josh!
I wanted to include a clip of his music so you could enjoy him too, but I still haven't figured out how to do that. So, if you google Amos Lee, you'll get his site, and from that is a link to his MySpace site, where you can listen to a few songs. Shout out Loud is my favorite of those, so I hope you enjoy it also!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

worth a read

if you're a parent, you've got to read this book. it's so great. parents of newborns and infants altogether may not appreciate it, but anyone with kids older than 3 will definitely relate. check it out.