Monday, May 14, 2007

happy mothers day!

Ok, it's been awhile. There have been technical difficulties on my end preventing me from posting; but I'm back! I have to say something about my mother's day. It really moved me, actually. We had a great day together, filled with church, lunch, hiking, and ice cream....

But the kids picked out a gift for me that I thought was just so sweet; well sort of. They chose for me a baseball glove. Now, I know you're thinking, well that's not sweet, that's selfish, cuz it's really more for them than me. But what struck me about it is, Wow, they want to play catch with ME! I've been using Jason's glove when I play catch with the boys, so they wanted me to have my own. And yes, they're probably thinking, "hey this is great for us cuz now Mom will play catch with us more if she has her own glove," but I'm totally over that because I interpret it as "cool. they want to spend time with and play catch with me!" and I know that this probably won't always be the case, so I am going to treasure every ball thrown to me. Happy Mother's Day to all the other moms out there.

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