Tuesday, February 19, 2008

daddy's in the kitchen - yikes!

Well, we had a pretty funny experience the other night. Jason decided he would take care of dinner. "Great!, I thought." He kept it simple, which we were all fine with, and picked up pizza of the 'take-and-bake' variety.

Somewhere during cooking it, he opened the oven to check on it, and smoke came billowing out, BIG time! The pizza wasn't burnt, he didn't know what was wrong, and since it wasn't done yet, it had to go back in, to complicate the problem. Stuff had spilled off the edges to fry below. More than once, including just as we were sitting down at the table to eat, the smoke alarms sounded, the kids covered their ears and went running, sure there was an actual fire, (at one point they were all out on the screen porch, in the subzero temps). Jason and I would each get a towel and fan underneath the alarm to make it stop.

In the middle of it all, my blogger brain yelled for Ben to go get the camera. I thought the whole thing was very funny. Afterwards, just as we were sitting to eat, again, Ben said, "I think mom should do the cooking from now on." We all cracked up, but silently I thought "oh, great, can't a momma get a break?"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

staying in

this is in the middle of the storm; they stepped on the top of the snow, and then sunk!

well, with all the recent snow we've had - for those of you not local, we got 8 inches Sunday, followed by about 12 inches yesterday. Needless to say, school was canceled a couple of days, and we just couldn't go anywhere. It was actually kind of nice; no temptation to get out, we couldn't anyways, and everything was closed. Had to make the most of our time indoors.....and it was all worth staying in for....cookies, forts, hot cocoa, what more could we ask for!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Super Bowl-ing!

Well, the only real interest I have in the Super Bowl is that it marks the end of the football season, and that much closer to baseball season being back. However, this week, I saw a news story on abc's evening news and now I at least have a team to cheer on. I'm going for the Giants. Not because they're the underdog, though I would like to see the Patriots shut-out season come to an end before they get too terribly arrogant. But the reason is because they are having this honorary captain for the game, an Iraq War Veteran. It was a really endearing story and a better reason to cheer on a team than by which colors I like better, so I'm going with it.
Check out the story yourself if you're curious.