Wednesday, September 29, 2010

on hiatus

I have been on hiatus from blog world. Not purposefully or for a lack of things to report. I have many a blog post forming in my mind...but I'm sorting through some things and can't seem to get anything down clearly just yet.
Anyways, for the journal that this serves for me, I wanted to get some pictures up from our recent trip to Minnesota. We went to a friends' wedding and got to hang out with some fun people for the weekend. Since we were there, we made a weekend of it, and took in the zoo, the lake, and children's museum. Then we danced the night away at the reception. Literally. I absolutely love to dance with my kids. Seriously, one of my most favorite things.
Wish I had pictures of that to post (or not!). I hardly took any pictures all weekend. Very unlike me. Just soaked it all into memory instead. And had a great time enjoying my family and others we love that are like family.
More blogging to come soon as the fog lifts, so to speak.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2 months home

Two months ago today, we arrived home with Jenna.
It feels like she's been here soooo much longer, but you know how it is when you're in the midst of something hard and time seems to drag on. that's about where we're at.

Friends of mine who have seen Jenna a few times since being home tell me she has made so much progress. It's harder to see from the inside I think.
In some regards, she's come so far, and in other areas I wonder if she's progressed at all. All part of the process, I'm sure.

She is understanding a lot of English. I know this because she does what we tell her, most of the time. Things like: get your shoes, put them away (to which she just throws them in the mudroom- just like all the rest of us ;) ), come here, stand up, sit down, time for bed (she goes to her bed), hug, and kiss.

She and the kids are doing fantastic together. She is definitely more bonded to them than to Jason or I. I keep feeling lately like she just won't give in to us. Not sure what that's about but I suspect it has to do with the fact that she's never had any reason to trust the adults in her life. She and Emily are very good together. They have moments here and there with sharing, but they also share hugs and kisses. It has been so humbling to see how easily the kids love her.

Her language is still very lacking. The speech therapist told me this week that if she had a language at all to begin with, even if it were chinese, she would be able to pick up another language more quickly. We're more and more convinced that she had no language at all upon arrival home and the sounds she makes are very much indicative of that. Baby babble is about all she's got. She is starting to mimic sounds that I make if she watches me make the sound first. She does have a few signs: eat, more, please, and we're working on all-done and thank-you. Most use is regarding food, which also continues to be her biggest struggle area.

Anyways, please continue praying for her heart and mine! There have been some struggles in this that I just didn't expect, which being the planner I am, have made them somewhat harder for me to deal with. But I know it will all come in time. And I thought the waiting was over! Ha!