Thursday, May 29, 2008


well, in my absence from blogworld, some friends of ours experienced a tragedy like I can't even imagine, and it's left me reeling, and unwanting to post or write at all.
Last Wednesday, little Avery (21 months old) was struck by a car and did not survive. A terrible, unexpected accident. Her parents, Rob and Jeanie, have their feet firmly planted in the rock of Christ and He is sustaining them in a most remarkable way. They believe that God is sovereign even in this circumstance and continue to hold tight to that belief which is giving them peace and comfort in a time that seems so unbearable otherwise. Our close friends, Cindy and Kevin, (Rob's sister, and Avery's aunt and uncle) as well as the rest of the Kochan family too, are of course, grieving along with them, but are all truly relying on the strength that can only be found from their faith in Christ; They have comfort knowing that because they've let Christ be the ruler of their lives that they will be reunited with Avery again....and they know that God will use this tragedy in some incredible way.
It has also been amazing to see the way that this has touched the entire church family that Rob and Jeanie are a part of. It has been powerful to see the body of Christ responding in a time of need.
Please lift up in your prayers this entire family, and Rob and Jeanie's two other children as well.

Friday, May 2, 2008

girly girl?

Abby had a pretty great week this week.
Since my belly is infinitely growing, I am no longer to comfortably paint my toes. So I decided it was time to go get them done and only had time for a quick 'pedicure' at a place in the mall. Normally I do this at the salon I go to, but it's much more expensive and time intensive, though I should say, I think worth it! Anyways, since spring is here, thus sandals, it really needed to be done. So I told Abby one of the days she was home this week that we were going to get our toes done. She was SO excited! Once we got there, I let her splurge and get her nails painted too, plus she was sitting so patiently while my feet were soaking and such. You can see the delight on her face in the picture!

Then later in the week, she got to start soccer! She has been talking about this for at least the last month, asking when she gets to go and stuff. The day of, she asked me if the boys were coming to watch, and I said yes, our whole family is going and we'll all watch. She replied, "i've been watching them and now they get to watch me!" Again, she was delighted. She did really well at all of the 'drills' they did, but when it came time for scrimmage, she was a little lost and did a lot more watching than chasing the ball. I'm sure she'll get it though; she's already excited about when she gets to go again!