Monday, November 26, 2007

so much to be thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving! A little late, but we had a really busy week last week and blogging just didn't happen.

We had some great friends from Colorado visit, we got to hang out with them on several occasions and while it was terrific to see them, I think it also made all of us realize how much we really miss them. We also had some family visit, and other friends from Minnesota that we always look forward to seeing.

We are so blessed and have so many things to be thankful for. I cut out leaf shapes while we were waiting for lunch and had the kids color them and then each of us wrote things we are thankful for on them. Then we scattered them along the table for decorations during our feast. (yes, we prepared the Thanksgiving meal for the SECOND year in a row, and those of you who have known me longer than 5 years know that this in itself is truly amazing, and certainly something to be thankful for!) Anyhow, I really encouraged the kids to give this some thought and I was hoping for answers that represented things that were most important to them. Matthew sweetly wrote each person in our families' name on his leaves, Abby transcribed to me to write Grandmas, Grandpas, and Uncle Brian, and Ben, being nearly eight, wrote football!! Oh well, it certainly captured each of them pretty well at this point in their lives.

first snow

Our kids were completely overjoyed when, the day before Thanksgiving, it pretty much snowed all day and into the evening/overnight. They awoke Thanksgiving morning, convinced that we had major snow, and were VERY anxious to head out and play in it. Maybe a little disappointed that there wasn't enough to make an igloo, but they had a good time getting their hands on some regardless.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ready, set, SHOP!

This is what the holiday season is all about: Day after Thanksgiving sales!! Well, ok, so it's really not about that at all, but it sure is a bonus! Below is a link for the ads for Friday's deals so you can all start planning ahead. I suggested to a friend recently that we go early, and divide and conquer; with 2-way radios and all. I came to my senses the next day and rescinded and offered another shopping day some other time.... Unless the deals are too good to pass up. Check out the link and decide for yourself!

Monday, November 12, 2007


It was recently camera day at gymnastics, totally up my alley, and so I wanted to share some of these cute pictures of Abby doing her thing there. She really loves going, and I've been impressed with some of the skills she's learned as a result.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

a night hike

last night, our group of adventure friends went out on a night hike. we were missing one family, so there were 6 adults, and 8 kids. we went out on a nearby trail that runs right along the lake.

all the kids were bundled, and equipped with their headlamps; like a bunch of miners.

anyway, the kids thought it was just the most fun, ever. even though a certain dad of the group kept trying to sneak off the trail and then jump out trying to scare everyone. somehow, the kids weren't phased by it and I think I was the only one who screamed. admittedly, I thought it was spooky out there in the dark, especially after I saw 'eyes' from an unknown source glaring back at my flashlight from the "forest."

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

fast passing fall

well, as usual, fall isn't lasting long here in Iowa. I'm not sure which is my favorite, fall or spring, (I don't like extremes), but the same can be said of both.....they don't last long enough!

Already today, it's 28 degrees this morning, with a high of 45. That is winter folks. Fall has apparently already passed, and I never got around to posting these few fall photos. thought I'd better hurry up before it snows!

with a friend through a corn maze

at the pumpkin patch

Thursday, November 1, 2007

trick or treating

we got together with friends and neighbors this Halloween and potlucked beforehand, then all the kids went out together with the Dads to trick-or-treat. There were about 15 kids total, which included almost enough football players for a whole team! Imagine opening your door to a bunch like that!

Even though he was a Hawkeye, Matthew still wanted to carve "hook 'em horns" into his pumpkin. Go figure. My freelance drawing was a bit off, but he was thrilled with it, which is all that matters. Ben carved a Hawkeye into his (shocker), but one piece broke as it were a bit too thin. Abby just wanted a funny face.

Anyway, they got more candy than we know what to do with, and we always throw it altogether at the end of the night.....which benefits Abby, and Mom and Dad, the most. After making the way around the neighborhood we came back home to hand out candy here, and I think Abby enjoyed that more than being out. She got so excited with each ding-dong to run to the door and see the kids. good times....