Friday, January 14, 2011

fist bump

So, the other night Jason was off with Abby at activities so I fed the rest of the kiddos solo.
The boys got done and ran off to play, leaving me at the table with the two littles.
I put a few pieces of Jenna's dinner onto her highchair tray, and there was one piece that was actually 3 pieces stuck together.
I saw it, and was thinking in my head, "oh man, I should have separated that, she's going to stuff that whole thing in her mouth," and simultaneously, Jenna grabs one piece of the multipiece bite, and *tears* it off, and eats just the one.
I know this seems like no big deal, but here, in our house at mealtime, that self-control with food is HUGE for Jenna! most of our issues with her are still surrounding food, and whatever trauma she endured.
Anyways, it was out of the ordinary and a big deal in a small package kinda moment, so I played it up with the whole, "Jenna! nice job!" She clapped her hands as she always does with praise and then Emily, who was sitting on the other side of Jenna's chair from me, got up on her knees to imitate me and said another, "nice job Jenna!"
Then, the moment I treasure....completely on their own with no suggestion of any such interaction from me, Emily and Jenna fist bumped each other!!!
It was such a riot and hopefully a glimpse of the relationship their future holds. Or maybe already does!! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

in with the new...part 2

Speaking of new...we were so honored and excited to be present over this break to watch a very special-to-us couple begin their new life together.
We have been friends with Alex for many years and we all love him to death. He is a great role model to our kids, and a ton of fun to be around. We've enjoyed lots of good times together...(like our boys' first ball game at Wrigley!), lots of UFC fights, and good talks over dishes on his visits home from school. ;)
It has been a joy to watch him grow from a young high school kid to a respectful adult entering the next chapter of his life. As much as we love Alex, it couldn't have been more obvious when we met Kate that they belong together and it didn't take long for us to love her just as much.
So, they tied the knot on December 30th. It was abeautiful winter wedding and Abby was delighted to be their flower girl. She took the job very seriously! It was a very special day and we were so happy to be there for it and look forward to watching them start 'the rest of their lives'!
Here's some pictures from all the festivities......

in with the new....

so, wrapping up 2010 we entered the tween world with an 11 year old in the house.
I love this age....its a ton of fun. I hope the real teen years prove to be as pleasant but somehow I'm not that hopeful!

Following Ben's birthday, nearly a month ago, we celebrated Christmas... Jenna's first one. It was lots of fun to see her experience this with our family and she was surprisingly in tune with whatto do to the wrapping paper!

She most loved a Corolle Chinese baby doll and has carried it around with her alot since then. Looks JUST like her....growing out buzz cut and all! ;)

Christmas was fun with all of the kids and each of them had a gift they were beyond delighted with. For Emily, it was all of the kitchen accessories. Abby, her look-alike American Girl doll that she so sweetly named Kate (the bride of whom Abby was the flower girl for a short 5 days following Christmas!).

Ben and Matthew's exciting gifts were of the video-game variety and a b.b. gun from Uncle Brian that they went out to shoot with him on Christmas day.

We spent several days at home playing games (our new favorite family game is apples to apples), going sledding, drinking hot cocoa and eating WAY too many sugar cookies!
Hope your holidays were as merry as ours!