Monday, January 3, 2011

in with the new....

so, wrapping up 2010 we entered the tween world with an 11 year old in the house.
I love this age....its a ton of fun. I hope the real teen years prove to be as pleasant but somehow I'm not that hopeful!

Following Ben's birthday, nearly a month ago, we celebrated Christmas... Jenna's first one. It was lots of fun to see her experience this with our family and she was surprisingly in tune with whatto do to the wrapping paper!

She most loved a Corolle Chinese baby doll and has carried it around with her alot since then. Looks JUST like her....growing out buzz cut and all! ;)

Christmas was fun with all of the kids and each of them had a gift they were beyond delighted with. For Emily, it was all of the kitchen accessories. Abby, her look-alike American Girl doll that she so sweetly named Kate (the bride of whom Abby was the flower girl for a short 5 days following Christmas!).

Ben and Matthew's exciting gifts were of the video-game variety and a b.b. gun from Uncle Brian that they went out to shoot with him on Christmas day.

We spent several days at home playing games (our new favorite family game is apples to apples), going sledding, drinking hot cocoa and eating WAY too many sugar cookies!
Hope your holidays were as merry as ours!

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Football and Fried Rice said...

I think Qi Qi's hair is growing out tons! Give her that one pony in the middle (for me!!) before it's too late ;) glad she liked her China baby! And i love Abby's new doll! I love that she named her Kate( by the way, that would be a great name for an addition to YOUR family!) it goes well with your others!

My friend Lisa's little girl Anna (from China) got a "just like me" doll recently for her birthday and she got to pick it out herself and she made it look like her blonde mommy - isn't that sweet?!

Go #54, a boy after my own heart. Welcome to the tween years, Ben!