Saturday, December 22, 2007

so christmasy!

Ok, funny story for you;

about 2 weeks ago, maybe 3, Jason came home with flowers for me. He's really great about that, but this particular time, I was in bed with a migraine and couldn't open my eyes to even see them, so I just asked him to put them in some water downstairs. The next day, he asked if I liked the flowers. "yes," I replied, "but they're not very wintry..." (they were daisies and stargazer lilies). Now I can see clearly now, that may have sounded like complaining, but I certainly wasn't complaining about receiving flowers. And maybe I am spoiled because I do receive them often. I appreciated the gesture very much, but some variety maybe, is what I was hinting at. He replied to my statement with, "what flowers are wintry?" To which I replied, "I don't know, ROSES?" Well, that just really stirred the pot, because back in the day when we were dating, I once told Jason that I thought roses were generic flowers and never to buy them for me. My point was, anyone could buy roses for another; but if someone really knows me, they would know what flowers are my favorite, and purchase those know, really putting some thought into it.
So, low and behold, yesterday, Jason came home with a wrap of flowers.
He smiled at me and said, "guess what kind they are?!", to which I replied,
"I don't know, ROSES?" And then we both cracked up.
Once I opened them and got them settled in their vase, I said,
"WOW, they're SO Christmasy!!"
they really are gorgeous.
My first bundle of roses from my husband of eight years!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Ok, the blog has been completely neglected lately;
but here's a fun shot of the kids visiting with Santa.
I was actually quite surprised with how this went.
This is the first year that all 3 of them have been willing,
or even desired to sit with him and talk.

they're growing up and I'm sure the time is near when they
will know what's up and not be interested anymore!
So I'm savoring this for one more season.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2007

winter wonderland!

Ben keeps asking me how we can be having all this winter weather when it's really still fall.
I just tell him that's what happens in Iowa. They're enjoying it nonetheless, and they've made a pretty impressive snow tunnel in the front yard.

Of course, evening not complete without enjoying some steamy
hot cocoa with marshmallows afterwards!

Monday, December 3, 2007

and a birthday

Ok, maybe this is backwards, but it always phases me more when our oldest child passes a milestone; rather than when the youngest does; then I know it's coming for the others as well and it just always gets me. I cried when he lost his first tooth, and have been known to be somewhat emotional on his birthdays. Maybe in part because I think back and wow, our life CHANGED when he came along! But I wouldn't trade it; it changed for the better, and it has been wonderful, amazing, and an honor to parent him, Ben, our oldest child. He is a delightful presence and I am often in awe of who he is becoming. Yesterday we celebrated EIGHT years of Ben. Isn't that AMAZING??? Am I really 8 years older than when he came along??
wow! eight years wiser too!!
Happy Birthday to our Ben. We love him so much.

it's the most wonderful time of the year

'tis the season to be decorating for Christmas. No Happy Holidays here!
Anyways, tree and decorations are up and each kid gets a new ornament each year, so here are those as well....

Monday, November 26, 2007

so much to be thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving! A little late, but we had a really busy week last week and blogging just didn't happen.

We had some great friends from Colorado visit, we got to hang out with them on several occasions and while it was terrific to see them, I think it also made all of us realize how much we really miss them. We also had some family visit, and other friends from Minnesota that we always look forward to seeing.

We are so blessed and have so many things to be thankful for. I cut out leaf shapes while we were waiting for lunch and had the kids color them and then each of us wrote things we are thankful for on them. Then we scattered them along the table for decorations during our feast. (yes, we prepared the Thanksgiving meal for the SECOND year in a row, and those of you who have known me longer than 5 years know that this in itself is truly amazing, and certainly something to be thankful for!) Anyhow, I really encouraged the kids to give this some thought and I was hoping for answers that represented things that were most important to them. Matthew sweetly wrote each person in our families' name on his leaves, Abby transcribed to me to write Grandmas, Grandpas, and Uncle Brian, and Ben, being nearly eight, wrote football!! Oh well, it certainly captured each of them pretty well at this point in their lives.

first snow

Our kids were completely overjoyed when, the day before Thanksgiving, it pretty much snowed all day and into the evening/overnight. They awoke Thanksgiving morning, convinced that we had major snow, and were VERY anxious to head out and play in it. Maybe a little disappointed that there wasn't enough to make an igloo, but they had a good time getting their hands on some regardless.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ready, set, SHOP!

This is what the holiday season is all about: Day after Thanksgiving sales!! Well, ok, so it's really not about that at all, but it sure is a bonus! Below is a link for the ads for Friday's deals so you can all start planning ahead. I suggested to a friend recently that we go early, and divide and conquer; with 2-way radios and all. I came to my senses the next day and rescinded and offered another shopping day some other time.... Unless the deals are too good to pass up. Check out the link and decide for yourself!

Monday, November 12, 2007


It was recently camera day at gymnastics, totally up my alley, and so I wanted to share some of these cute pictures of Abby doing her thing there. She really loves going, and I've been impressed with some of the skills she's learned as a result.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

a night hike

last night, our group of adventure friends went out on a night hike. we were missing one family, so there were 6 adults, and 8 kids. we went out on a nearby trail that runs right along the lake.

all the kids were bundled, and equipped with their headlamps; like a bunch of miners.

anyway, the kids thought it was just the most fun, ever. even though a certain dad of the group kept trying to sneak off the trail and then jump out trying to scare everyone. somehow, the kids weren't phased by it and I think I was the only one who screamed. admittedly, I thought it was spooky out there in the dark, especially after I saw 'eyes' from an unknown source glaring back at my flashlight from the "forest."

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

fast passing fall

well, as usual, fall isn't lasting long here in Iowa. I'm not sure which is my favorite, fall or spring, (I don't like extremes), but the same can be said of both.....they don't last long enough!

Already today, it's 28 degrees this morning, with a high of 45. That is winter folks. Fall has apparently already passed, and I never got around to posting these few fall photos. thought I'd better hurry up before it snows!

with a friend through a corn maze

at the pumpkin patch

Thursday, November 1, 2007

trick or treating

we got together with friends and neighbors this Halloween and potlucked beforehand, then all the kids went out together with the Dads to trick-or-treat. There were about 15 kids total, which included almost enough football players for a whole team! Imagine opening your door to a bunch like that!

Even though he was a Hawkeye, Matthew still wanted to carve "hook 'em horns" into his pumpkin. Go figure. My freelance drawing was a bit off, but he was thrilled with it, which is all that matters. Ben carved a Hawkeye into his (shocker), but one piece broke as it were a bit too thin. Abby just wanted a funny face.

Anyway, they got more candy than we know what to do with, and we always throw it altogether at the end of the night.....which benefits Abby, and Mom and Dad, the most. After making the way around the neighborhood we came back home to hand out candy here, and I think Abby enjoyed that more than being out. She got so excited with each ding-dong to run to the door and see the kids. good times....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

happy almost halloween!

You'll see more pictures after tomorrow, including the boys, and lately it's been lots about Abby, but that's just because most of my day is spent only with her....

Anyways, today at preschool she had a music performance; they sang 3 Halloween songs, and below is the shot of her doing the actions to "if you're scary and you know it, make a face," .....she was pretty much growling while making this grimace. It was pretty darn cute.

also, we've gone through SEVERAL ideas of what she wants to be for Halloween, and she keeps changing her mind. we settled on Hawkeye cheerleader, but not until after Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Unicorn (and how does she even know what that is?). ugh.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

extra padding

well, along with the new biking hobby has come a bit of a seats are really uncomfortable. which leaves the tailbone hurting.

until, clearance sales happen and we score these awesome, PADDED seat, bike shorts!! Who knew I would ever wear these?? I would have been the last to suspect it. But I tested them out yesterday and they truly make a world of difference. I could now be a spokesperson for padded bike shorts! what a riot!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

abby's "guys"

I've been wanting to post about this for awhile now, but until the other day, I hadn't the opportunity to catch a photo to accompany the post.
Abby's motherly nurturing side is shown by the affection given to her "guys". She really doesn't play with dolls much at all; for her, it's her stuffed animals that she mothers and plays imaginative role play stuff. she's given them each a specific name (that everyone in our house is expected to know), all of them talk, of course, and when I snapped this picture, she instructed me that her "guys" were napping and I had to tiptoe and be quiet.
She was especially delighted when I got her the miniature (beanie baby size) match to one she already had, Whiskers. I got it as a gift for her on her first day of school, and told her Whiskers had a baby. You can't imagine her excitement! She named it Kelsey, as she had just met a girl in her class named that. It's so cute to see her acting out real life, and often I hear her say something to her "guys" only to realize myself, 'oh man, i said that to her,'....I better be careful!

FROM L TO R: Tabbies, Barley, Elly, Kaia, Simba, Zoe, Marshmallow, & Kelsey

FROM L TO R: Brownie, Budderball, Neigh Neigh, Whiskers & Lovey

Monday, October 22, 2007

so brave

Ever since Abby shattered her tooth last year, and had to endure the subsequent removal,(without sedation), she has been terrified of going to the dentist. I have been amazed, and saddened by how well she remembers the traumatic (for both of us) event. The time prior to this most recent visit to the dentist when I told her we were going, she replied, "to the scary guy in the yellow shirt?" NO!! We didn't go back to him, we went to the family dentist that we all see. But I couldn't believe it. It had been at least 6 months and she still remembered vividly. Poor thing.

Well, so 2 weeks ago both boys went to the dentist for check-ups and cleanings. Abby got to sit in with Matthew and watch the whole procedure, which made her decide that she's a big girl and she can do that!

So we went the following week, and what do you know, she did it!! It was one of my prouder moments as a mom; watching her little self sit in the big chair, reclined, and very agreeable to let them do what they needed....polish and all! Huge progress!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

pretty pretty princess

abby's favorite game, and so fitting for her ;) is pretty pretty princess. endless games are played on most weekdays when the boys are gone. i have to remember to enjoy this while it lasts; as most times it's requested, i am less than thrilled about yet another round....i do, however, usually oblige. For the princess, you know.

adventurous spirits

i don't need to say much to accompany this post. most of you will find the picture alone amusing enough. we've taken up a new hobby recently with some friends; mountainbiking. i know what you're thinking, 'but you live in iowa,' and it is quite deceptive but believe me when i say that the mountains of iowa are plenty for now.

it's really fun though, and great exercise. the other day we all went out; the moms went first, and then the dads, and when they got back they took the big kids of the group on a novice trail. the kids absolutely loved it and are pretty convinced they're ready to move up to a more difficult trail, from green to blue; i'm pretty sure we're sticking where we are for now!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

abby's new look

yesterday i took abby to get her haircut.
she has been saying for awhile that she wants it short. we would remind her that meant no pony or piggies, and she would say, 'that's fine, i don't like ponies,' which is true. she never likes me doing her hair; she just wants a barrette in every day.
jason was even more apprehensive about us cutting it than i was. he loves her in a ponytail, so that was making him a little sad.
she persisted though; everytime we talked about it she insisted, 'i want to cut it.' the morning of her appointment, i suggested again, 'let's leave it long,' her strong-willed little self again insisting that she wanted to cut it.
so we did.
it looks pretty cute. and it'll grow. it certainly fits her personality.
here's the outcome: