Tuesday, October 30, 2007

happy almost halloween!

You'll see more pictures after tomorrow, including the boys, and lately it's been lots about Abby, but that's just because most of my day is spent only with her....

Anyways, today at preschool she had a music performance; they sang 3 Halloween songs, and below is the shot of her doing the actions to "if you're scary and you know it, make a face," .....she was pretty much growling while making this grimace. It was pretty darn cute.

also, we've gone through SEVERAL ideas of what she wants to be for Halloween, and she keeps changing her mind. we settled on Hawkeye cheerleader, but not until after Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Unicorn (and how does she even know what that is?). ugh.


Tara said...


I really love her haircut! It's super cute on her.

Miss you guys,

sara said...

She is cute NO MATTER WHAT she is!! I, too, love love love her haircut..it is so HER!! I am lovin that brown t-shirt too.....keep shoppin - can't wait to be your borrowing friend when our girl comes home..hope that "if" you get your girl that our babes don't overlap!! (no pressure!!!!) Love YA!