Tuesday, October 2, 2007

for laura s

well, great minds think alike, they say....
Abby got this new nightgown, suited perfectly for her, as it reads on the front
"goodness; s'mores - made fresh daily".
Of course, she loves it, and immediately told me when wearing it for the first night, "mom, i even love s'mores more than laura s*!%@ does." She wanted to go to Minnesota for you to see this nightgown; I told her we'd take her picture to give you. I think it's so funny that you two have this funny special quirk. I've not known two other people that love s'mores so much as you do. Too bad they don't make one of these nightgowns in your size, Laura!!

1 comment:

adam said...

abby and i know what's up.....it's about time you all joined in!!!!!!!