Monday, October 1, 2007

let's go hawks?

Well, not the greatest season to try becoming a Hawk fan, but the kids don't seem to care!

We had lots of Hawkeye fun this weekend anyways....

Friday night the Homecoming parade: it's one of our favorite activities all year. We go early and stake out a spot, grab dinner and eat on the curb, and then play football/catch in the street while we WAIT! good times.

Saturday we decided last minute to take the kids tailgating. No one we went with had tickets either, but boy, they still had a setup! They parked cars Friday night to get a prime spot, and then Saturday we hung out there for both breakfast and lunch. When the hawks were getting killed at halftime, we all decided the fun was over. 7 adults, 11 kids. lots of football playing, lots of fun.

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