Saturday, October 6, 2007

you get a line, i'll get a pole

a favorite activity for the boys to do with Jason has been going fishing at the pond here in our neighborhood. Ben, especially, has always loved fishing, and now he loves it even more because they have such luck down the street.

They pack up poles, bait and tackle; Jason carries it all, and the boys ride bikes down a block and "sink some worms," as they call it.

The biggest fish they've ever caught have been caught at this pond. If only we'd known!! We could've saved ourselves many a trip to the lake, and have since we've discovered the fish in this pond.

Today, Ben caught a 19 inch bass!! Of course, I was home cleaning, so I don't have a picture to show you, and I've already let Jason have it for not taking the camera. They measured it against his arm, (from fingertips to armpit), before throwing it back, and then pulled out the tape measure when they got home to then measure his arm. Sure enough, the length of his arm, 19 inches. AMAZING!! Maybe next time they'll have to measure against his leg! (Uncle Brian, can you believe it?? Ben says you have to come straight to our house when you get back since your pole is here, then you can go fishing RIGHT AWAY!)


LINDA said...

What fun. Looks like a Huck Finn story.....

sara said...

He must have been just busting at the seams to tell the world:)