Monday, October 15, 2007

adventurous spirits

i don't need to say much to accompany this post. most of you will find the picture alone amusing enough. we've taken up a new hobby recently with some friends; mountainbiking. i know what you're thinking, 'but you live in iowa,' and it is quite deceptive but believe me when i say that the mountains of iowa are plenty for now.

it's really fun though, and great exercise. the other day we all went out; the moms went first, and then the dads, and when they got back they took the big kids of the group on a novice trail. the kids absolutely loved it and are pretty convinced they're ready to move up to a more difficult trail, from green to blue; i'm pretty sure we're sticking where we are for now!


sara said...

((laughing))..hey, it looks like great fun & exercise too!!! Can't beat that:=)

LINDA said...

I love how you're always finding things to do as a family. Too many people are only looking for ways to get away from their kids. Bless you for working so hard to keep your family together and 'in love' with each other.
ps: I think Abby is adorable!

vicki said...

linda you are too kind. thanks for the sweet words.

ljk said...

We look so official don't we?? I must say-I agree with the "mountains" of Iowa being plenty for right now--but maybe a trip to Colorado is in our future if we keep with another 4-5 years. HA!