Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 months home

We arrived home from China five months ago today
with this little girl,

our newest family member.
To say that the last six months has been hard wouldn't really seem to do it justice,
but I'm not sure what else to say. It has been hard.

But it hasn't only been hard.
It's been humbling.
Emotionally exhausting.
A test of our faith.
oh did I say that already.....well I really can't say it enough.
A time of teaching.
A time of growing, learning.

It has been a blessing to welcome Jenna into our lives
and graft her into our hearts and our family.
Two weeks ago we dedicated her to the Lord at church. What an honor.

bad blogger

I know, I've been a really bad blogger.
I do really enjoy getting these memories down to look back on one day, it's just that time escapes me.
But here's my attempt to catch up.
A conglomeration post.
We've been busy with fall activities. Abby is doing competitive cheer and she is working so hard at it and having so much fun. It's been fun for us to see her really loving an activity, as that hadn't ever happened up until now. Her team recently had 2 competitions and got 1st place in both for their division! Abby got to bring the trophy home from one of them for a visit so that was exciting for her!

It's turning into winter here in the midwest and this is how I found Emily one morning recently.

It made me laugh, and then run to grab the camera. I can't say enough what a riot she is. She has a big personality for such a little girl. A great sense of humor and makes me smile and laugh constantly.

Thanksgiving has come and gone already and we had the pleasure of hosting some good friends for the day and an overnight.

Our kids were very excited to spend time with their kids and I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the same about spending time with their family as well. We had a great meal,

good conversation, the men had football and naps, and Sara and I had each otherfor company in themiddle-of-the-night Black Friday shopping. We are so blessed! ;)