Wednesday, October 14, 2009

recent emily-isms

As I said in my previous post, she's quite a go-getter....She's now almost 16 months. She is very spunky, and has lots of words lately. Dog-dog, mom, dad, bubby (brothers), baby, ben-ben, mattman, ab, up, uh-oh, poop (which the boys think is hilarious), stinky, snack, down, home.... that's all I can think of but there are probably more, and seemingly more every few days.
Here are a few recent shots!

first time with piggytails!

where to begin?

I have been completely neglecting this blog!
Not for a lack of goings on, maybe just because of that!
We've had a trip to the apple orchard, and that could be a post in itself, but I'm condensing here. We got more apples than we knew what to do with, resulting in baking several yummy desserts to try. Apple crisp (so good we made it twice), apple dumplings, and cinnamon applesauce. Everything turned out great and was delicious! The kids had a blast peeling/slicing/coring apples (see photos below!)
Matthew and Abby are playing soccer this fall, with just a few weeks to go.
Abby is her usual, non-competitive self, but is enjoying it nonetheless.
Matthew has really come outta his shell this year, being aggressive and a real go-getter. It was a jump this year, adding in goalie, and a larger field.
Opening game he scored twice, and last game had 3 goals! He's got a good buddy on the team, making it all the more fun for him!
Ben is playing flag football, and as that is winding down, he's starting basketball as well. And as usual, enjoying all things sports-related.
Emily gets carted to all these events, and is quite a go-getter herself... more on that in next post.
All this in addition to watching the Hawks have a great start to the season equals we've been busy!
Hope you're all enjoying fall as much as we are!