Wednesday, October 14, 2009

recent emily-isms

As I said in my previous post, she's quite a go-getter....She's now almost 16 months. She is very spunky, and has lots of words lately. Dog-dog, mom, dad, bubby (brothers), baby, ben-ben, mattman, ab, up, uh-oh, poop (which the boys think is hilarious), stinky, snack, down, home.... that's all I can think of but there are probably more, and seemingly more every few days.
Here are a few recent shots!

first time with piggytails!


Football & Fried Rice said...

Umm, the pigtails are awesome!! I love the composition of your first shot - whatca doing there? I can't believe how long her hair is getting! 16 months!!?!

The Fam said...

In some of these she looks so grown up and in others, such a cute baby still. All with attitude!

melpbaby said...

I love that first pic! You have a gift woman!

Ashley said...

What is the uniform? I am so not up on sports? I know it is the colors of Wake Forest.

I need to post a picture of our dog - you will laugh.

What kind of dog is she/he? Ours is a cockapoo.

vicki said...

ashley, seriously? it's a HAWKEYE! (what the heck is wake forest? :) )
Our dog is a goldendoodle (golden retriever/poodle)