Tuesday, February 21, 2012

dress rehearsal

Abby had dress rehearsal for dance for her AFFECT group this weekend. AFFECT is the competition dance group that she is participating in this year. She is absolutely loving it and it has been fun to see her grow as a dancer.
Somehow, I got lucky enough to have captured this beautiful shot!! I think I'm going to print and frame for her room!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

half birthdays

We have never celebrated half birthdays in our house.
We've never needed to, and with 5 kids, if we added half birthdays in, we would be celebrating all the time! too much!
Well, Emily is our first summer birthday. So start of preschool this year and snack calendar predetermined for us that she would bring bday treats and have share day on her half birthday. EXCEPT, that her half birthday is the day after Christmas. Break for school.
She had been asking for 2 months prior to Christmas if it was almost her half birthday yet, and telling EVERYONE, (literally, think check-out lines, pharmacy, boys' batting lesson instructors), about her half birthday coming up....for about a month before Christmas.
Well because of Christmas break, preschool moved her half bday celebration to January 26. Like it wasn't a long enough wait already and like explaining this to a 3 year old makes any sense.
"I know honey, your half birthday IS December 26 but since it's Christmas break you will have your half bday at school January 26".
It didn't make sense to her, and only confused her more....and made her MAD that she had to wait longer for something she was already asking everyday for!!!
Well, it finally came. And preschool scheduled pajama day for the same day, so of course, Emily thought that was JUST for her bday celebration! The neighbors even fueled it more and brought her a little half bday gift!!

So now that it's past, I'm waiting for her to start asking when it's going to be her REAL birthday!!! :)


Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 years

Two years ago today we saw Jenna's face for the first time and asked God if she could be the one He had for us.
Obviously, we thought the answer was yes, and the rest is history.

These next 3 were taken today, and the last one was last year. 
She's changing alot!!

She was blowing me a kiss (I had to ask for it!)

January 2011