Thursday, October 11, 2007

abby's new look

yesterday i took abby to get her haircut.
she has been saying for awhile that she wants it short. we would remind her that meant no pony or piggies, and she would say, 'that's fine, i don't like ponies,' which is true. she never likes me doing her hair; she just wants a barrette in every day.
jason was even more apprehensive about us cutting it than i was. he loves her in a ponytail, so that was making him a little sad.
she persisted though; everytime we talked about it she insisted, 'i want to cut it.' the morning of her appointment, i suggested again, 'let's leave it long,' her strong-willed little self again insisting that she wanted to cut it.
so we did.
it looks pretty cute. and it'll grow. it certainly fits her personality.
here's the outcome:


sara said...

I LOVE IT;) How cute is she!?!?!?! And SHE likes it, which is so important in a lil girl's life!!

LINDA said...

It's adorable! She looks so sweet! She obviously loves it! Now she can fix it herself!