Wednesday, October 24, 2007

abby's "guys"

I've been wanting to post about this for awhile now, but until the other day, I hadn't the opportunity to catch a photo to accompany the post.
Abby's motherly nurturing side is shown by the affection given to her "guys". She really doesn't play with dolls much at all; for her, it's her stuffed animals that she mothers and plays imaginative role play stuff. she's given them each a specific name (that everyone in our house is expected to know), all of them talk, of course, and when I snapped this picture, she instructed me that her "guys" were napping and I had to tiptoe and be quiet.
She was especially delighted when I got her the miniature (beanie baby size) match to one she already had, Whiskers. I got it as a gift for her on her first day of school, and told her Whiskers had a baby. You can't imagine her excitement! She named it Kelsey, as she had just met a girl in her class named that. It's so cute to see her acting out real life, and often I hear her say something to her "guys" only to realize myself, 'oh man, i said that to her,'....I better be careful!

FROM L TO R: Tabbies, Barley, Elly, Kaia, Simba, Zoe, Marshmallow, & Kelsey

FROM L TO R: Brownie, Budderball, Neigh Neigh, Whiskers & Lovey

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sara said...

only a mama would remember the names of ALL her baby's "guys". Girls are so different than boys just stared at me when they had to name their build-a-bears. they came up with nada. now, though, they just name everything after a football player. kinda like our dog.