Monday, December 3, 2007

and a birthday

Ok, maybe this is backwards, but it always phases me more when our oldest child passes a milestone; rather than when the youngest does; then I know it's coming for the others as well and it just always gets me. I cried when he lost his first tooth, and have been known to be somewhat emotional on his birthdays. Maybe in part because I think back and wow, our life CHANGED when he came along! But I wouldn't trade it; it changed for the better, and it has been wonderful, amazing, and an honor to parent him, Ben, our oldest child. He is a delightful presence and I am often in awe of who he is becoming. Yesterday we celebrated EIGHT years of Ben. Isn't that AMAZING??? Am I really 8 years older than when he came along??
wow! eight years wiser too!!
Happy Birthday to our Ben. We love him so much.


sara said...

Oh, your cake is did you do it?? Tell me, PUH-lease; so I can impress my own beloved 8 year old:=)

LINDA said...

I hope you share this post with Ben. He will be so proud to see in print how you love him.