Wednesday, May 23, 2007

dream team

Last weekend, amidst all the other activities, we had Ben's school night at the ballpark. He and a good friend, Drew, got to participate in the team taking the field, and take the field with them as part of the "Dream Team." They were centerfielders, and their player autographed their t-shirts, which they thought was pretty cool. Just more ammunition for his baseball obsession! Happy 5th Birthday Matthew was announced on the jumbotron, and Jason and I got put on the screen later for some kissing patrol thing. And Abby got cotton candy, which was really all she cared about being there for. Good times at the ballpark!


sara said...

you kissed on the jumbotron? Happy Anniversary to Jason!!

Laura said...

I love seeing pictures of these two as they become individuals and big boys! It makes those pics we have of them playing in the sprinkler look like they were just babies, although at the time they were so grown up espacially compared to Lars and Matthew! How time flies.

Jason said...

Thank you to the guy running the kiss cam at the ballpark.