Wednesday, May 2, 2007

good music, good times

we got a night out earlier this week- sorta rare for us - without kids to go downtown and listen to some music. this guy we heard, Amos Lee, was introduced to us by a friend of ours, so we all set out for food, music, fun. It was such a great time; I did learn a valuable lesson though, to always choose comfort over fashion when it comes to shoes, as you never know just how long you'll be standing; but even through aching feet, I totally enjoyed the show.
good chill music; for the most part. I feel so cultured, and maybe even a little bit hip for now knowing this name in music and having seen him live! Thanks Josh!
I wanted to include a clip of his music so you could enjoy him too, but I still haven't figured out how to do that. So, if you google Amos Lee, you'll get his site, and from that is a link to his MySpace site, where you can listen to a few songs. Shout out Loud is my favorite of those, so I hope you enjoy it also!

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