Sunday, May 6, 2007

hey cubbies

well I'm a little afraid to even comment, so as not to jinx anything, but the Cubs are on a bit of a streak, eh? keep it up!
Our own boys, Jason included, have just started their own seasons and so the hype of the Cubs is in full swing in our house. I welcome the change of obsession though. It was last basketball, and before that football. And just when I've had all I can handle of sports trivia from a 7 and 5 year old, the season changes, luckily.
I've been known to complain a bit over the last 8 years about the obsession from Jason over this team; if they're not on tv, we listen in the car - even if to just catch a score - but now it's seeping into the kids; We were on our way for ice cream after school the other day and Ben asked me if the Cubs had won that day; somehow I knew that they were playing right then, and he proceeded to "well can you turn it on the radio?" ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I think women are wired so as to not be able to follow along with sports commentary. They talk way too fast and I'm still trying to visualize the last play and I've forgotten what it was and something else is happening. It gives me a headache.....
However, there is something to be said from watching in person from the friendly confines of Wrigley. Now that, I don't complain about.

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