Tuesday, May 29, 2007

happy eight!

Today is our eighth wedding anniversary.... it's been a jam packed, crazy busy, fun-filled eight years that have passed so far.
A fun story about today: we had decided not to do gifts; I just got this great camera for Mother's Day, so I let Jas off the hook; so anyways, this morning Jason left me a card sitting at my desk area; I opened it later in the car while on the phone with him (I know, that was totally unsafe driving) and started laughing aloud. But not because it was a funny card, it really wasn't, but because I had gotten him the EXACT same card. Now, really, what are the odds? I just can't believe that. It wasn't a "happy 8 years" card; it was a generic "happy anniversary"....I mean, seriously, what are the chances??
So, to borrow from a comedian that I recently heard, when someone asks us how many years we've been married, I'm trying to respond with "8 glorious years of hot, righteous monogamy."
Here's to many more. Love ya honey!

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sara said...

you are a good wife, Vicki - here's to many more...