Wednesday, May 30, 2007

who likes pineapple?

Ok, Sara, we're doing it all wrong!!
I was talking with my friend Sara recently as I was trying to cut up a pineapple. "how do you cut a pineapple?," I asked, and she "coached" me through; she said, "cut off the ends, then cut into slices and then cut the core out of each slice." "Ok," I said, I mean, I didn't know any better.
Well, I was relaying this story to the person on the other end of the pineapple, the one who I was cutting it for, Blake, and said to him, "There has to be an easier way, what is it?".... He explained an alternate method to cutting, and days later his mom gave me a personal pineapple cutting demonstration. It still didn't look very easy....but ok.
SO, today, my next pineapple is sitting on the counter, and I notice it has a tag on it... I check it out, only to find INSTRUCTIONS on cutting a pineapple! Which at this point I think is hilarious!
So much trouble for something I don't even like!!

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sara said...

Hey; I figure they sell it cut up for a reason. It isn't like we are on a "Survivor" reality show - they would probably eat the core. Hmmmff.