Friday, June 1, 2007

slice of life

I got this from my friend you've heard about, Sara's, blog, and modified accordingly:

NAME and AGE: Vicki (31)
TODAY'S DATE and TIME: June 1, 11:32A.M.
1.) Inside, I feel like I'm(what age): 26
2.) A goal I'm working on right now: running a race
3.) My most recent achievement: throwing a party
4.) The last gift I bought for someone: a drill for Adam
5.)The last CD I bought: Rascal Flatts
6.)My current favorite song is: My Wish (Rascal Flatts)
7.)The last movie I saw in the theater: Shrek 3
8.)The last book I read: Intimate Issues
9.)The last new thing I learned: how to cut a pineapple
10.)What I'm wearing right now: brown capris and a pink tee shirt
11.)The last person I talked to on the phone: Laura K
12.)What I ate for breakfast today: cereal
13.)What I thought I'd be doing by this age: corporate life, big city; i like this much better
14.)Something I'm saving up for right now: my continuing basement project
15.)Someone I think about alot: God
16.)The last person I helped: Matthew, in the bathroom
17.)The last thing I apologized for: to my children for reacting about something
18.) Something I'm worried about: my kids
19.)What I wish for when I see a shooting star: I can't remember the last time I saw one.
20.)What my plans are for the rest of the day: eat lunch, pick up Abby, finish laundry, ???

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