Friday, June 29, 2007

little sister

There is something special about being the little sister of two older brothers. Abby continually cracks us up with her antics; and with the things she has learned from her brothers. She loves to make "scary faces," which you can see below, and the sense of humor she has is certainly unique. Lately, she is into what I call "little boy humor."You know, any mention of the words butt, poop, or anything related and she is hysterical.
I was doing something in the kitchen the other day and Abby said, "so," which I replied with the So, So, suck your toe rhyme (I know, I should've thought that through first), and she laughed and laughed after the 'underwear' closing, and she said "that is SO funny."

Another cute story from recently....
We were getting out of the car and she pointed to her throat and said, "mom, what's this?"
I said, "your throat?"
She said, "no, this" (pointing to a specific spot)
I said, "oh, that's your adam's apple."
Well, she thought about that for a minute; looking very confused, as we have a friend named Adam, and said, giggling... "No, it's my abby's apple."
She makes me laugh everyday and constantly reminds me to enjoy these silly moments and for that I am so thankful.


sara said...

We haven't been exposed to the "so, so, suck your toe rhyme"..please, enlighten us!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Vicki, I am so envious of you. You are at what was the best point of my life. Kids are enlightening, entertaining, aggravating, lovable, curious, and so, so precious. I hope Sara gets her little girl soon. Congratulations on your good fortune. GOD has blessed you.
Sara's Mom