Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Happy 2nd Birthday to Jenna today!
Breaks my heart to not be with her for her birthday today, but we will celebrate with her once we get her home- in just a few short weeks! This will be the last birthday she'll ever spend without her family. Praise God for that!
We sent her a birthday cake through Blessed Kids, so here are some photos they sent us of her with her cake and friends!



Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to Jenna. It will be so exciting to see her as part of your family for next years birthday.

LAURA said...

What a great day to have a birthday, everyone loves the first day of June! Now it will be even more special!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Happy birthday, sweet Jenna! Just wait until your third, girl, you are going to have quite a party, I'm sure! :)

Rocío said...

Happy Birthday Jenna. As I told my niece ( she also spent her 1st birthday in China ) enjoy this special day with what it has been your family until now. Love Rocío

The Fam said...

What a fun way to start her new life with a birthday party!

Robyn said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!
I was so happy to get your itinerary. Thanks for sending it. We will be in prayer, and following along closely! I can't wait to check in on you everyday!
This is going to be great. You are going to China so soon to get your little girl!! Can you hardly believe it?!?
Awesome, just awesome.

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Jenna!! She is precious!!

living4him5 said...

So sweet!!!! I see it's summer in China with all the buzzed cute little heads. =) so precious!!!

Your time is coming!! Praying for you!

God bless,

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl and CONGRATS on your upcoming travel...can't wait to follow along and hear all about it! Jennifer Morrison

1001tears said...

oh, she is absolutely beautiful! Soon you'll be celebrating with her.


Football & Fried Rice said...

Can't believe she's two. Happy Birthday, Miss Jenna - this is your last birthday without all the pomp & circumstance! Your family is coming for you!!