Tuesday, June 22, 2010

it's official!

Me, Ben and Jenna with nanny and director from her orphanage

with our guide in Nanning, David; he's terrific

the final signature followed by my thumbprint in red covering it

So, today we had our meetings with the officials in Jenna's province, Guangxi, and the signing of all the paperwork making it official that Jenna is OURS! That felt good.
I was a little nervous about today because it included meeting again with the nanny and director from her orphanage that brought her to me yesterday. I was afraid that seeing them again would be hard for her. However, it wasn't. She stayed on my lap the whole morning and did fine. If I'm being honest, I think it's because she has basically shut-down. I can see it from the blank stare on her face. She has shut down to protect herself from any more heartbreak. Like the most basic human response. While I know its very normal for the circumstances, it is very hard to see.
After the interviews I had and signing and such, we got to spend some time with the nanny and director and ask them any questions we wanted answered about Jenna's routine, personality, likes/dislikes.... basically all the things I have missed for the last 2 years and need to be brought up to speed on. I enjoyed that time very much. We all exchanged gifts and they gave Jenna a silver keepsake bracelet. It's very pretty and has some chinese characters on it for luck, health and happiness. Grateful to have that to give to her one day.
After our morning we just came back to our room for some lunch and naps. Ben and I watched a movie while Jenna napped and it was a nice restful time.
Both this morning and when Jenna awoke from her nap, she was a little sad. I picked her up out of her crib and put her next to me on the bed and she fell back asleep like that both times. As well as on my lap in the car today. I am thankful that she at least feels comfortable enough to be able to relax to fall asleep. Small victories. :)
After nap, we topped off the afternoon watching Ben swim in the hotel pool with another little boy whose family is here from Ohio, also adopting. After some more down time, our guide took both our families to a nice Cantonese restaurant where we actually enjoyed the food and Ben and I were successful with chopsticks for the first time ever! ;)

Thanks for continued prayers for Jenna's little heart to open and for her personality to start to show through.



jennifer said...

I recognize that bow!! LOVE IT!! Every baby step is a step in the right direction. She will begin to open up a little each day. I can't wait to see her transformation!! Hope she keeps sleeping good for you. That helps SO much!!

She is amazing!! Enjoy!!

Molly Rechkemmer said...

Congratulations on this very big day! You are officially a mom of 5 -- welcome to the club! =) What a beautiful family you have. Mmmm... praise God! He is SOOO good!!
Still praying for you.....

Lisa said...

So good to hear that Jenna is able to be soothed and comforted by you! Praying that her little heart will continue to open to your love and that her personality will begin to shine through!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh what a sweetheart--so glad she is relaxing with you as you wrote about. You are going to see her change so much in the coming days and weeks. How special that they gave her that bracelet. Very special treasure for her later. I wonder if they do that for all their adopted children?

The Fam said...

And the hair is growing, very cute with the bow. Glad you are a calm mama! Can't wait to meet her.

Jill said...


I am just so happy and excited for you. I am sure it has not been easy but you make it look so. We are praying for all of you. Congratulations and we can't wait to meet the newest Cupp family member.

Love rays

Carla said...

Oh Congratulations!!!!! I agree, David is AWESOME!!!! Tell him that Carla from just a couple of weeks ago says hello and that Sarah is doing REALLY well. :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Yeah!! So glad to hear that progress is being made. I loved reading about you & Jenna staring at each other and I loved your email about your visit to the orphanage! Please keep sending them & post when you can. I pray that Jenna stays healthy and that her medical exam is UNEVENTFUL..

Thinking of y'all like crazy. Especially here - it's kinda like being in China ;)


Alyson and Ford said...


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