Friday, June 25, 2010

hanging out in GZ

Today was pretty uneventful so far.
We went on a tour of the Memorial Palace (I think?). It was built for the man who was the first president of China in 1911 when the gov't re-organized and no more emporers.
The building was very pretty and is apparently an architectural sight.
After that we went to a park and walked through for awhile. Although, it was raining, as it has everyday here, and the humidity is seriously 100%. What a fun day to spend in a park!

Today was huge because on the bus ride after the park I got Jenna to smile!!! FINALLY! Then again in the hotel room, smiling and LAUGHING! Oh, melt my heart. And praise God, I really needed to see that progress today and the encouragement. Amazing how He knows exactly what we need and when we need it, isn't it?

Anyways, a couple of things about Jenna so far:
• she seems to be good at crying, and is starting to be a little dramatic about it. at first I thought it was just really sad, now I am starting to think she's got my number and is playing her cards. ??!! not sure how to balance making her feel very safe and trust me, but not get totally played.
• she will eat anything I give her. anything. without complaining. just opens wide. maybe just a true quality of orphanage life, not sure.
• also, she will just sit wherever for SO long and is so quiet. on the plane to GZ, on the buses we take, taxis, in the hotel room, wherever. I'm curious to see how long this will last!

We're not doing too much these next couple days. Just hanging around Guangzhou. Our hotel is very nice. Like, 5 star, reallllly nice. There are lots of amenities right nearby like Starbucks, McDonald's (which at home I loathe but here tastes surprisingly good!), Subway, Pizza Hut, a fancy mall with a grocery store inside-strange, I know, and lots of small shops.

Tomorrow we go back to Shamian Island to have all the kids' TB tests read. Pray for negative. Then we'll have lunch over there and do some shopping on the island.

Like I've said before, thank you so much for your prayers. They are being felt in a huge way. The last couple days were very hard for me and to have your encouragement has been so appreciated. Many have also asked about Ben. He's doing great. Getting a little bored at times as we always have down time for nap and such and there's just less going on here than the rest of our trip, but he's good. We've gotten several comments to him from young Asian women here saying 'handsome boy,' and asking him his name and where he is from. He gets a little embarrassed but always says, 'thank you,' as I told him we want to be sure to be polite Americans! He has been a huge help and always carries stuff, pushes the stroller, opens doors and whatnot. Please continue to pray for Jenna to show me who she is and continue to trust me and accept my care and love.


ljk said...

Wish I cold just come over to your hotel and grab a Starbucks with you :)

Jamie and I have enjoyed reading your blog and have both commented several times on your amazing strength, kindness, patience, and ability to love on your new daughter. We sort of had to laugh because really, what else would we expect from someone who has shown the same amazing traits with her 4 other beautiful kids! I think Jamie's direct quote was, "We are very lucky to know them."

We will continue to pray for you all and we'll see you next week.

God is SO good!!

RocĂ­o said...

hi, About the food I presume these girls are ready for anything because my niece was and still is the same with food. She doesn't say No to anything and tries all kind of food. She also was very quiet at the beginning but now ... well she doesn't stop.

I keep praying for you and your family and I didn´t forget your quilt wish is just I have been very busy lately.

All the best.

The Fam said...

Bows, definitely more bows! See you soon.

The Raudenbush Family said...

Not long now and you will be home. Those days may be a little slow but the end comes before you know it.

Lydia ate everything we gave her in China--and lots of it. After a couple weeks home, she started to get more picky and now doesn't eat much at each meal really. I think she was trained to eat what was put in front of her when it was put in front of her or she'd be hungry later. Now, she knows that we'll feed her when she wants food, so she doesn't eat too much at one sitting.