Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the next chapter part 2 - my baby

Well, the inevitable has happened.
My baby, Abby, started preschool today.
I can hardly believe it is already time.
I put her name on this particular waiting list when I was pregnant with her and that enough time has passed for it to be time absolutely dumbfounds me.
She did wonderful on her first day.
To say she was ready is an understatement.
She has grown tired of watching her brothers "have all the fun."
And she has grown bored of playing with mom.
I certainly cannot keep up with the imaginative play of 3 year olds.
She went right into class and started an activity. I sat with her for a bit, though she didn't notice. She was too engrossed. I asked for a hug; told her I'd see her after lunch and went on my way.
"bye, mom," she said.
Good for her!! While it made my heart sink a bit, it is the goal of parenting.
well-adjustedness; among other things, of course.
I was proud of her being such a "big-girl" today. It is me who has the adjusting to do.
All morning I thought I had lost someone.
It's strange to be alone in stores and places that I'm usually keeping track of someone.
But I'm sure I'll come around too, it just may take a little time.

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sara said...

Isn't that so true? when you keep looking in the backseat & there is no one chattering & there is no one to help in & out of the car & no one asking for "something" at the store? How do we function without that? I suppose, like all things, we adjust!