Friday, August 10, 2007

fairy tales

Today, Abby and I were laying on the couch watching Cinderella 3. It ended with a wedding, and after last week, we've had lots of wedding exposure lately. So at the end of the movie, Abby said something about getting married. She talks often of wanting to be a mommy like me when she is big, so anyway, the conversation went something like this....

Abby: I want to get married when I'm bigger like Cinderelly.
Me: yep, you can get married when you're bigger and then be a mommy. When you get married you'll be the bride.
Abby: but I was already the bride in Adam and Laura's wedding.
Me: no, Laura was the bride; you were the flower girl. Who do you think you'd like to marry?
Abby: Ben!
Me: well, no, you can't marry Ben because he's already in our family.
Abby: well, probably Adam (notice how you're second rate there to Ben, Adam?)
Me: but he just got married to Laura
Abby: um, Daddy!
Me: but Daddy's already married to me!

It was SO funny. we went on and on like this. I just love little girls!

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sara said...

out of the mouths of babes. My Carter doesn't want to marry anyone if it means he has to leave "us" - if they could only stay so sweet forever!