Monday, August 13, 2007

our very own PBR

Well, we've never actually seen live PBR (c'mon, professional bull riding), but from the reenactment in our living room this weekend, you'd never know it.

Alex served as the resident bull, and the boys requested different bulls by name, depending upon the personality of said bull and what they felt like enduring. You know, Bodacious bucks like crazy, Blueberry Wine spins a lot, Little Yellowjacket also bucks, and Booger bucks and spins (I'm told).
It was quite a sight. One at a time on their turn, Ben or Matthew would request what bull they wanted; the bull would get in the 'gate', then the bullrider would get on, stabilize, raise their right arm, nod their head and let the fun begin. One of the spectators were supposed to count to see how many seconds they could last. Abby and whatever boy was watching would jump off the couch and be the clown to rescue their brother from the bull after he got bucked off.

We belong on the range, don't we?

the "fierce" bull (smiling)


sara said...

oh, if only we could all have a bull of our very own!

adam said...

You need to change the songs that play when you look at your page. Try Big & Rich - Please Man or Brad Paisley - I'm Still a Guy. Your fans will like those least Jason and Dos will.

vicki said...

what is that supposed to mean?

vicki said...

i've got take me out to the ballgame, for cryin' out loud, by harry caray nonetheless.