Tuesday, August 7, 2007

today's joys

Well, regular life resumes here after we've pretty much recuperated from an exhausting weekend.
Today's simple pleasures of life struck us at the local community pool.
Ben finally mustered the courage to try the "swim test" and passed, which gave him diving board privileges. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my hypochondriac, neurotic, first-born son wanting to do the swim test when he was 7 years old. (even though I was pretty confident he would pass, I hadn't been able to convince him) I fully expected it to take him til at least 10 to build up the guts and some more time watching his friends do it before he tried.
But, just one more instance of being shocked in parenting, and good for him!! I'm really proud of him.
The second joy of the pool was in the snack. Not always, but maybe 75% of the time I let the kids get a snack FROM the pool snack shop. Nothing I could bring is ever comparable to what they get there, and today is an example of that. I would bring along something like grapes, chips, maybe fruit snacks. But AT the pool today, I let them buy FUN DIP!! Talk about the "taste of summer," well, my kids would say this is it!! I love it when I answer 'yes' to them and SHOCK them by it!!


sara said...

Fun Dip is one of my all time favs...I keep it on hand all the time (not even kidding) I have never outgrown my sweet tooth!

alex said...

Austin used to eat that Fun Dip stuff all the time. He would just eat the sticks and then dip his fingers in the sugar and lick it off of his fingers. I can see Matthew or Abby doing that.

sara said...

well, the stick is the definitely the best part..but I'd rather forego dipping my fingers in it afterwards (maybe I'd still tip it up to my mouth though?)