Friday, August 17, 2007

premier party

you'd think we live in Hollywood.
But I'm relieved that we don't and the midwestern hospitality just can't be beat.
(though I've never been to Texas).
Anyway, premier party midwestern style plays out like this:
TONIGHT. AUG 17TH, at 7PM central,
the premier, in the basement of some friends,
projected onto the wall to create a "big-screen" feel,
4 families,
11 kids,
the sequel to the much-loved (by parents and kids alike) suprise hit by the Disney Channel,
We're as excited as the kids!
(You should see the parents version of these dance moves, it's AWESOME!)


sara said...

gotta *love* Zanessa (Zac & Vanessa)..they are so cute together!

LINDA said...

My granddaughter would be in awe.....She absolutely loves High School Musical! She is going up to Chicago with her Mom and sister and other grandmother and a girlfriend to see the first one live..Her first real girls only weekend..