Saturday, September 1, 2007

hawkeyes invade chicago

Jason and I had a "getaway" this weekend. We were part of the other tens of thousands of people from Iowa to invade Chicago for the weekend. On Friday, it was "Iowa Day" at Wrigley Field, for a 1:20 Cubs game. That was the big draw for us. We ate lunch at the restaurant shown above, Merkles. It's owned by a former Hawkeye, as you might figure from the picture, and it's about a block away from Wrigley. Jason was pretty annoyed that he didn't open a similar restaurant first. It was lots of fun, and eerie to see so much black and gold walking the street of downtown Chicago. We got lots of "go hawks" comments from passersby who were fellow Iowa fans (though for my Staters out there, I was sporting a Cubs shirt, it was Jason with the Hawk shirt on; but the combination caught the attention of many, considering the theme of the day). The outcome of the game wasn't so good, but we had fun anyways. Something about the atmosphere at Wrigley.

Hot dogs and cotton candy never tasted so good.


sara said...

..and brats..and nachos..and dippin dots..and popcorn.....and fountain soda,,I love ball game food. of any kind!!

Anonymous said...

sweet you have miranda lambert music now!

sara said...

YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED!! Check out my blog!!