Monday, September 10, 2007

WOW! Who knew??

Ok, so Abby is really turning into quite a little preschooler.
One of her favorite activities lately is "working" on her Little Leap Pad. (passed down from Matthew, passed down from Ben) I have to say, I hadn't even shown her this until recently, because in my own little timewarp, she's not old enough to "get it." She is, however, more than capable, as I've recently learned.
What's more, the other night I was writing on a paper that was on a clipboard, showing Matthew how to write lowercase "a". He writes his name wonderfully, but it always includes capital A. MAtthew. Anyway, Abby passed by, and I suggested, Abby, want to come try to write your name? Assuming, of course, that she's far too young for this, but what the heck, she likes to color. Well, what resulted, was my absolute shock! She can totally do it. And the next day at preschool, she told the art teacher proudly while painting at the easel, "I can write my name, ALL by MYSELF!" And then she painted it. AMAZING!! I've so underestimated her!! She is my baby, you know!


sara said...

aren't they amazing?:D

News From the Fam said...

Way to go Abby!

Amy said...

Aren't kids wonderful? They shock and amaze all the time. Just when you think they'll zig, they zag!!

Sorry for yesterday's game, too. It was a fun game to watch and a nail-biter down to the end. I'm sure it's a bummer for Hawk fans but it's great for Cyclones! :-)

Anyway, I am finally getting back to your tagging message and have tagged you back!