Friday, September 28, 2007

another milestone

Matthew passed yet another milestone of childhood the other day (reminding me again how much I hate that they're growing up)... but I thought I'd share the proud mommy moment with all of you!

While being in kindergarten, he is expecting to learn lots of things. Mostly, he wants to learn to read, but the other day he asked me to show him how to tie his shoes. I sat with him, showed him once, and then he totally did it himself!! And like he's a pro too, they're tight and everything! We haven't tackled the double knot yet, but what a great start!!


LINDA said...

Way to go, Matthew!!!!

p.s. We listen to alot and I mean, alot of Van Morrison at our house and we do have 2 Norah Jones cds. We think she's great, but Mike has been a strong Van Morrison fan since the 70's.

sara said...

Aren't they so sweet!?