Wednesday, January 28, 2009

our first girls weekend and a 7 month old

Me and the girls of our family took our very first (hopefully of many) girls weekend away. We flew to Colorado on Friday to spend the weekend with my friend Sara, and meet her new addition and first daughter, Mya. We also got to go to Focus on the Family and hear Angie speak (she's a fellow blogger whose site we frequent). You can find her site on my sidebar-it's Bring the Rain.
It was perfect timing really, the talk. She was there speaking as part of Sanctity of Life month for the chapel time at Focus, which included a performance by Selah (of which Angie's husband is a member). And being as how adoption holds such a special place to both of us (Sara and I), an adoptee and an adoptive parent, it was very very moving to hear about all the impact Focus has had on birthmoms through a program called Option Ultrasound. It's a program where women contemplating abortion are given the opportunity to see an ultrasound of their baby and the report told of the HUGE percentage of women that are impacted to decide to give their baby life instead. Seriously I think I may have found my calling! What an incredible program.
It was a special time to have together, us girls. It was a delight to meet Mya. I can't get over what a perfect match she is for their family. I don't know why I'm so surprised by it though. I mean, it was ordained by a sovereign God whose plan is always perfect, so of course it's a perfect match. My heart swelled at her warming up to us and I can't wait to see her again!
While we were there we shopped (only a little), drank coffee, talked, ate, laughed, and just enjoyed hanging out together in our daily lives....which I so miss being states away. Thanks for having us, we can't wait to see you again soon!
Also while we were there, little Em turned 7 months old! She's sitting, rolling, diving forward from sitting, laughing, loves cheerios and peek-a-boo.
I had to copy the pictures from Sara's blog, so sorry if you read both, they're the same. But I didn't take any pictures while we were there and left that to Sara!


sara said...

Emily is a hoot with her smiles! She really gives them freely as long as you don't invade her space too much!! of course, we enjoyed seeing you & Abby too :) Your whole family is a treat & we look forward to the next time!!

have you done any more research on Option Ultrasound?? Amazing!

Marner Family said...

You are amazing to travel on a plane with kids by your self! How do you do it! Though, I think a girls weekend away would get me there. I would love to hear more about everything that you learned about this Option Ultrasound.

Love that you call your Emily "Em" we do the same thing, between "Em" and "Emmy" I thought our Emily would write her name M for the first time! Cute photos. -b

Lisa said...

Oh, I am so interested in the option ultrasound also. Keep me posted! So excited that you and your girls got to spend the weekend with Sara and her family, what a treat!!! Love the pictures