Sunday, December 14, 2008

gotcha day

I just have to post today, as it's 14 hours ahead in China, where our dear friends, Bill and Sara, are about to be united with their daughter, Mya, FOREVER! Finally, a family they will be.

Please pray for them today, and in the days to come.
For the rest of their trip to go smoothly, for their boys back at home, as well as for little Mya's sweet heart; for her to be open to all the love that Sara and Bill are ready to pour onto her. It's surely a bittersweet day for Mya, as she has said goodbye to her foster parents and brother, the only family she has known thus far..... I'm sure it won't take long though, and this next week or so in China will be a good start, for her to see just how much she's already loved by these two wonderful people, and how perfectly she completes this family.
If you'd like to continue to follow their journey in China, via Sara's blog click here.
To Sara and Bill, Congratulations! We love you all.

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sara said...

You are so sweet to post about Mya Day! Needless to say, it is dark outside & I am awake!! Bring it on!! LOL :) I think I will pass ut by lunch time!