Sunday, December 28, 2008


Travis tagged me several days ago, and being who I am, I sat down immediately and made a list of all my answers. I'm just now posting it!

8 favorite TV shows:
1. Today (I try to catch at least a few minutes each morning)
2. House Hunters - it's a hobby to look at houses. my husband doesn't understand this.
3. Greys' Anatomy - trashy, yes, but I do enjoy it.
4. Brothers & Sisters - also trashy but it's our date show. we always watch together.
5. Scrubs - Jason really enjoys it and so I've learned to watch with him.
6. Wheel of Fortune - I am gifted in this area. So help me if it ever comes to IA!
7. Biggest Loser - incredible. and inspiring.
8. 10 p.m. news - I try to make it for the first forecast but NEVER last through the show!

8 favorite restaurants:
1. Old Chicago
2. Olive Garden
3. Texas Roadhouse
4. Culver's (for my fast food choice)
5. Hickory Park - delicious bbq in Ames
6. Great Plains - best pizza, also in Ames, fantastic thick wheat crust.
7. La Fuente - my favorite mexican, also in Ames (don't even know if it's still there.?)
8. House of Chen (also in Ames) and have yet to find cashew chicken so good anywhere else.

who knew there was so much in Ames?!

8 things that happened today: (remember, this is a few days old)
1. laundry
2. Abby got her hair cut
3. made the sugar cookie dough
4. more laundry
5. went sledding
6. watched Charlie Brown Christmas with the kids
7. iced and decorated cookies
8. take and bake for dinner

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. having a car with 4wd that goes in the snow (someday!)
2. a beach vacation (someday)
3. meeting Mya
4. having a longer break (summer!) from school
5. learning how to use the Mac and it's features
6. rescuing an orphan (someday?!)
7. seeing my kids grow up
8. Jesus returning!

8 things on my Wishlist:
Travis had many answers too good to top; but they also apply!
1. double ovens
2. my kids to follow Christ
3. to be close to my kids and one day, their families
4. traveling lots of places I've never been
5. to be a blessing to others
6. for my family to be united in Christ for eternity
7. to grow old with Jason
8. a firmer me :-)

and now 8 people to tag (sorry guys!)
1. Laura K.
2. Laura S.
3. Tara
4. Amy
5. Sara
6. Leah
7. Lisa
8. Steph O.


sara said...

Oh, I love this one!! I will actually try to do it, cause it will be fun to one day look back upon!! Sadly, I enjoy looking back to some of my posts from a year ago..hoping I have grown (not physically, dang it!!!!)

Ok, do you want to go to texas Roadhouse tomorrow night? Girls Night out?? Oh, allright, whatever!! Maybe in a few weeks!!! LOL!!!!

vicki said...

YES YES!! i'd LOVE to go out for dinner with you- just head over!
maybe soon, right? i'm hoping...