Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the birthday boy

Today is Ben's 9th birthday!
I can hardly believe it! Wow! Time has really flown.
Ben is totally our firstborn. He is very particular about many things, as were we when we had him. We were much more neurotic about life with an infant than we are now! I guess with time you learn many things, and with Ben we were learning right along with him!
He is really a delightul kid though. I really enjoy spending time with him. He is kind, funny, smart, compassionate and a joy to be around. He loves all things sports. He likes to read (especially about sports!). He watches SportsCenter every morning and can later recap for Jason or myself. He sometimes 'quizzes' me about what he saw and I never have a clue. He thinks it's funny that I don't know the players that he talks about. He likes football and baseball cards and is constantly rearranging them in different orders. From best to worst, by team, by # of HR, etc....
Parenting him has really been a lot of fun and I look so forward to seeing how God continues to mold him and how He will use Ben someday.
You are a terrific kid B. We are very proud of you and we love you very much.
Happy Birthday! love, Mom
(FYI pause the music on the player at the bottom of the page before watching the video)


sara said...

Oh My!! Happy Birthday Ben! It was fun to take this journey through your little (big) man's life!! Lots of similar scenes, considering my oldest is 9 too!

I have a picture of Cole & Carter at about the same ages wearing those Ninja turtle masks!!

p.s. if you decide to adopt, you may not want to break out the picture of your son in the dryer :)

p.s.s. perfect song choices!!


The Fam said...

Happy Birthday Ben, great pictures! We hope you had a great day.

Prachar family said...

Happy birthday Ben! I love the video you made, my fav picture was him tucked in tight with Abby in the Dora bedding!!

Amy said...

What a beatiful video! I'll never forget his b-day. I was in Colorado Springs at a holiday party w/ fellow interns when I received your phone call. We were in the midst of taking pictures and there is one of me on my phone so I'll never forget that. Time flies, eh? Hope you had a great b-day, Ben! You are truly blessed.

sara said...


I am trying to send you an email,but apparently, China doesn;t send to hotmail!!! do you have another email?

XOXO, me