Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday snapshot: celebrating life

Ni Hao Y'all

I was honored when a close friend asked me to come to the hospital to take pictures immediately after the birth of their third child.
I absolutely loved being reminded of the miracle of life. What a joyous creation! God is so good and simply amazing!
Here's a couple of my favorite shots from my time there....
Trey Aaron-isn't he perfect?:


Tina Michelle said...

Nothing more precious that the first photos of mama and her babe! Love the ring on the toe!

Stefanie said...

Awww, so sweet! And what a compliment that she asked you to come capture such a momentous occasion... you did a WONDERFUL job :)
What a sweet Snapshot!!
Happy Sunday, Vicki!

Aaron said...

Thank you so much for doing that Vicki. Your shots were amazing and I am so thankful that I wasn't held responsible for taking those "classic" pictures :) You have a gift!

Football & Fried Rice said...

beautiful job!