Tuesday, May 18, 2010

matthew's eighth

Matthew turned eight years old yesterday.
We took some boys to an Iowa baseball game Friday night to celebrate, then had baseball all weekend, and so last night he got to choose the spot for dinner. He chose Texas Roadhouse and Uncle Brian came along. Then we came home gave him our gifts and had oreo ice cream cake, Matthew's choice again. yuuummmmm.
At the Iowa game, they introduced Matthew before he threw out the first pitch of the night. This is what they said about him: "He loves baseball; the Hawks, the Cubs and somehow, the Yankees ;) He also enjoys Hawkeye football and soccer. Matthew plays for the 8u Trojan Gold baseball team." In addition to all of that, Matthew is a very sweet boy who is very laid back and a ton of fun to be around. He is a goofball and makes us laugh often. We are very blessed by Matthew.

Happy Birthday bud! We love you.

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