Monday, March 22, 2010

some serious posting

I've been absent for far too long! I have had such good intentions on more than one occasion, but just never got it done. We are just coming off of spring break week, so certainly haven't had a lack of things going on, but that's just what kept me from doing what I'd like to be doing most.... ;)
(sitting around in my lounge clothes; casually cleaning house, throwing in a load of laundry every so often, sipping a delicious St@rbucks, surfing the web).... ah... I wish. 
Instead, we were visiting friends, packing, cleaning, celebrating abby's 6th birthday, showing the house, and outta town to a ginormous indoor waterpark. My kids heaven on earth. As we were walking in to the resort, one of them muttered, "this is paradise." And there ya have it, 'our' spring break!
I will be posting ALOT these next few days to catch up!
Here's one of my favorite moments captured from our break: let me set the stage a bit: our oldest son just moved his room to the basement of our house; he's 10 and wanted his 'own' space instead of sharing with his brother, like he had been for the last 2 years. We already had a queen bed in what was the spare bedroom, which we let him takeover. He's LOVING the bed, and each weekend, either Matthew or Abby has wanted to sleep down there with him. Over break, they convinced us to let them all 3 sleep together. We went down for Emily to tell them goodnight and she freaked out.....couldn't stand it that the big 3 were there without her! So, we put her in with them for about 20 minutes and let them all giggle and goof around. I love seeing all of them laughing together and enjoying one another so much!  


Amy Gilbaugh said...

love love love this picture. you're getting good, friend! wish i could have seen more of your kiddos over break. guess we'll just have to wait until this summer...then i get TWO WEEKS with them. :)

vicki said...

HA! not sure you, or *anyone* can handle little Em for 2 weeks! ;) We will definitely keep you in the loop with what we decide to do.
praying for the year's wrap up for you, and your prep for the conference. love ya!

living4him5 said...

What a precious picture!

I just got your comment. I'm doing good so far, I know it's going to be lots of time before LOA and TA...sigh...I'm trying not to ball park a time frame, I think it makes it worse (for me). I wish I could snap my fingers and she's here!! How are you? Are you moving??


Lexilooo said...

what a cute photo; everyone cozy in bed together! my sister and I used to love to snuggle in our parents bed too!

Jenna said...

L-O-V-E that picture. It really is worth 1000 words!!!! What a great memory!!!