Saturday, March 27, 2010

abby's sixth

our first daughter turned six years old over spring break.
i can remember her birth like it was yesterday.
the instant overwhelming love. 
how excited we were to have a daughter with two big brothers.
how, as much as i didn't think it would be different, it's different with a girl.

abby has grown into a very sweet little girl.
she loves art, and crafty things. 
she loves to help me in the kitchen. matching aprons and all.
she loves animals...namely dogs. the live and stuffed varieties.
she is an amazing reader and loves school.
she is very motherly to her little sis.
she has the best laugh, and often can't stop giggling. sometimes we call her gigglepants.
she isn't a total girly girl, which i love about her. 
she enjoys being outside exploring nature and getting dirty.

for her birthday celebration, she insisted we go out for dinner (everyone gets to choose their birthday dinners) solely because she wanted to have dessert at a restaurant. none of this 'come back home and have cake and ice-cream thing'. i thought that was funny. but we never get dessert when we go out for dinner, so i suppose it really was a treat.

it's been such a joy to have abby in our lives. 
she is such a blessing to our family.
we love you so much abby!
happy birthday.


Amy Gilbaugh said...

she's just precious! and you got some great shots! give her a squeeze for me!

living4him5 said...

Awww, Happy birthday Abby!! She's is soooo precious! My Rachel just turned 6 in November. =)

How ya doing???

Praying for your LOA.

Amy <><