Wednesday, December 9, 2009

first snow day

We are in a blizzard and school got cancelled today! It's awesome!
After Jason spent about 2 hours snowblowing/shoveling the drive, we decided to take emily out for her first experience with snow.
I knew she wouldn't be ok with watching the big kids from the window, so I got her snowpants (big enough to wear again next year) and boots and bundled her with the rest of them. And out we went. 
It was blowing quite a bit, so that was less than perfect, but she almost immediately got annoyed with her mittens. So she took one off, grabbed a handful of snow (brrrr) and then dropped it and said "done." It was so funny! She wanted to come inside after that. She lasted all of 5 minutes outside! 

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Leah said...

haha! sounds like johnny. the first day he wanted to walk in it and check it out, then he got it on his hands and cried and cried. after that we can't get him to come out of the garage :)